Microsoft to buy Minecraft?

Hey misfits,

Watch this video and let’s discuss.

So, do you folks play minecraft? If so what platform and what do you think it will mean for users of the Playstation variety?

I wouldn’t consider myself an avid player. Probably not even an occasional player. I have played a couple times and despite the graphics (love a polished game) it really impressed me. Talk about taking something so simple and making it MASSIVE! My kids are completely addicted to the game, and watching videos on YouTube (much like I was circa MW2). They both always want to show me what they have built> I have gone on a couple times myself and it’s just really relaxing to play.

Now… if I know Microsoft… and I think I do… there is a good chance they are going to fuck with the game. And I think that is the biggest question that a lot of people have right now. I think there are many ways that they could make the game better. Maybe not better, but if they made different modes that you can play right on the game and not have to mess around with MODS and changing back and forth between the different versions would make it even more user friendly. Especially since the biggest market is kids.

It’s hard to say this could either be the best thing for it or the worst. I am hoping that they just build on the all ready massive scope of the game and keep it at a level that kids can learn and enjoy.