Metal Monday!!… or rather Music Monday!!

This time of year everyone starts dropping albums or singles to start building up momentum for a summer tour! Which is the best time of year for folks like us. We love getting our ears on new music! This week had some tunes that although not metal, are so god damn good I have to spread the word. Hit this shit!

Make Them Suffer – Blood Moon

August Burns Red – The Wake

Enterprise Earth – Transorbital Awakening [Feat. Joel Omans]

So This Is Suffering – Sleeper Hold [Feat. Nick Arthur]

Tech N9ne – Speedom (WWC2) [Feat. Eminem & Krizz Kaliko]

Yelawolf – Best Friends [Feat. Eminem]

Now if you are metalhead, I hope you can still give props to the shit these dudes can do. Fast as FUCK. If not, just hit the metal and WALK ON HOME BOY! Like always, if you have something you think I need to hear; reach out to me on twitter @thefearagenda or email me Start your week off right with some good tunes! Happy Monday motherfuckers!