Mason, Depp, Ninja (Die Antwood) – Beautiful People

So check out this video from a performance on Halloween. Marilyn Manson was playing a gig at The Roxy and for an encore he brings out Johnny Depp and Ninja from Die Antwood come out to play Beautiful People. I still love this song but this performance opened my eyes to just how far Manson has fallen. Not that the performance was horrible, but I was fortunate enough to see Manson play at Ozzfest back in 2001 and it was amazing. Every song he was a different character, the fucking sound was amazing. It was one of those performances that I will never forget.

Then this came on. Manson’s voice sounds blown out and he looks bloated. Now I can’t say shit about his weight, I’m a big guy too. But he used to be a twig! It was just shocking to see since I haven’t seen any pics of him in a few years. He used to be shocking for completely different reasons. AntiChrist superstar is still one of those discs I throw on and drift away into the darkness. He’s had little singles here and there that have shown promise, but nothing like he was in the 90’s early 2000’s.

Sorry I am getting off topic. This is supposed to be about the video and I have fallen down the “why manson why” rabbit hole. One thing I can say about the video is there is a place where Depp and Manson grab each others dongs and asses. It’s a very odd relationship, but I have close friends that I would do weird things like that with… maybe not touch dongers.

Check it out.


photo via Die Antwoord Fr / Twitter