Manhunt in Moncton

RCMPA horrible tragedy happened in Canada yesterday. Actually it’s not done yet. There is a manhunt in Moncton, NB right now for 24 year old Justin Bourque. Justin went on a shooting rampage killing 3 officers and wounding 2 others. There are videos from a neighbor where you can hear the shots. It’s horrific. The video doesn’t show anything too graphic but you can see them on the Huffington Post here. More sick facts is that during the man hunt Justin’s Facebook page appears to have been active during the manhunt. Adding a couple “friends”. His last post being lyrics from a Megadeth song. As a metalhead, this kills me. As a humnan, my heart bleeds for everyone in this nightmare.

You can see pictures that were tweeted out by RCMP from the Sun here. Justin is dressed in full camo gear with 2 long guns. He is said to be hiding in the wooded area near where it went down. He is very knowledgeable of the area and has so far been able to stay one step ahead of authorities.

That part is strange to me considering one of his long time friends has come forward about his last conversation with Justin. Mike Campbell says they were sitting around a few weeks ago drinking whisky listening to Black Sabbath (seriously another metal reference. FUCK). Apparently it has been said that Justin always wanted to go out with a BANG and bring people with him. That makes my stomach turn. When Justin got up to leave Mike said “‘Get hold of me later.” to which Justin said “I don’t know. You take care, Mike. You have a good life.” More information about that conversation can be found at the National Post here.

With this post I’m not really going into my full opinion on it. I just want to present whats going on in case folks aren’t going to Google crazy like me. This is a terrible situation, and I hope this individual is brought to justice very, very soon. On behalf of the entire FYFC Crew, our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone that is affected by this senseless tragedy.