Krampus is coming!

In the last two days I have started to see more and more horror Christmas movies. They all so far centre around Krampus. A beast creature who is the opposite of Santa Claus. Instead of bringing toys and goodies, he punishes naughty children. Hitting them with sticks, chains and taking away the truly bad children.


I had heard of Krampus, but never looked into the folklore. It’s pretty wild. Apparently in Europe he’s a big deal. He’s been on greeting cards since the 1800’s and still celebrated every year! They have parades such as Krampuslauf which translates into ‘Krampus run’. Where people dress up as the horned demon and parade through the streets drinking schnapps!?

There has been a growing trend of bringing Krampus to North America, but it’s being fought hard by Christians. They state that it’s all part of the “Anti-Christmas” celebrations that have become more and more popular in recent times. It doesn’t help that Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure walking on hooves… so, the Devil. Or as what many would depict as the devil. Looking through the pictures online, it’s incredible. They costumes that are made, the pictures taken with children that are smiling at these horrific looking beasts. But I suppose when you are raised with it, it’s normal. I can’t believe that something that has been around as long as the lore of Krampus has taken this long to make it’s way to North America. I know my kids would freak the fuck out if they saw people dressed like that, even on Halloween!

I really want to see these flicks, possibly only once, but still. Check it out:

Krampus – Official Trailer


This one was posted last year, I haven’t looked into if or when it came out.


Now talking about Saint Nicholas’ companions wouldn’t be complete without talking about Belsnickel. If you don’t know who that is I’ll let Dwight from The Office tell you.