KoЯn’s “The Serenity of Suffering” – An Album Review

Band: KoЯn
Album: The Serenity of Suffering
Genre: Nu Metal
Rating: 9/10

This album came out of nowhere for me. I had no idea that the boys in KoЯn were writing let alone had an album come out. This is the second album since the return of Brian “Head” Welch, and thank the fuck Christ. I have been a fan since their self title dropped in 1994, and it’s been hit or miss. These guys have been going hard for 22 years! There have been hits and misses, but if you think of all the bands that came in the “Nu Metal scene”, there aren’t very many still around. But these dudes have reinvented themselves, tried out fads, lost members, gained members, and 22 years later the drop a disc that sounds like the perfect mix of all their years together. As someone that’s been listening to them since day one, this album is a fantastically morbid romp through the years. You can hear elements from all the albums in this blender of low end assault riffs and haunting vocals. Let people talk shit, fuck em. KoЯn’s here to stay. 

Now, run along kiddies…


Track Listing :

1. Insane
2. Rotting in Vain
3. Black Is the Soul
4. The Hating
5. A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor)
6. Take Me
7. Everything Falls Apart
8. Die Yet Another Night
9. When You’re Not There
10. Next in Line
11. Please Come for Me

*Stand Out Tracks