King Dylan’s “Die Tomorrow” – An Album Review

Artist: King Dylan
Album: Die Tomorrow
Genre: Hip Hop / Pop
Rating: 9/10

I have had the pleasure of watching this man work his ass off and pour his heart into this album. And since I had a little part on the album, I could be bias. Truth is… this album is not one to sleep on. 

On the outside some may write it off as just another pop mixed with hip-hop album. But this album is sneaky as fuck. Dylan has always done a really great job of mixing poppy beats and hooks with very deep and ruthless lyrics. Once you start to scratching the surface on songs like Untouchablewhich has a cute Lego video and playful beat, underneath there is a vulnerability that comes with the harshness of reality. Picking ones self up is a task many if not all of us are far too familiar with, and the self pep talk that comes along with it. Tracks like Carry On Fool continue the journey of picking up and moving on. The album starts to get playful with Earthquake Dylan shows he can spit with a quickness while layering a club dance hit beat over the hook.

There are so many good tracks on the disc I can’t hit them all. If you want to hear the recent podcast I had King Dylan, where he talks more in-depth about some of the songs you can by clicking HERE!

The one track that really hit me was the one that closed the album out The Highway. Anyone that is creative… artists, podcasters, YouTubers, musicians… we always wonder if we are making the choices we should be. Are we being true to ourselves? Even if it means traveling on the that road alone. This is amplified for myself with working away from my family. I have a constant struggle with am I doing the right thing? Being away means that my wife and kids never have to want for anything. I grew up dirt poor, my kids will never know that feeling, but at the cost of their dad not being around? The Highway is that internal struggle that everyone faces in this fucked up chess game called life. 

My take aways from this album is simple: Don’t sleep on it. Buy it, listen, repeat. King Dylan has laid out lyrics that any one who has ever felt insecurity can be inspired by and put it to music that can camouflage the harsh reality within it. I’m proud of him for what he has created, and even if I didn’t know him, this album would be a gem to listen to. If you want someone who is going to rap the same four bars over and over again, this music isn’t for you. If you want someone that’s going to tell you a story that you can relate to, get this album.

Now, run along kiddies…


Track Listing :

1. Tank Top Jean Shorts
2. Untouchable
3. Carry On
4. Earthquake
5. Another Saturday Night
6. Fool (Feat. Chapter)
7. Goodbye Forever (Feat. WCT)
8. Loaded Gun (Feat. Mossberg)
9. You’ll Never Win (Feat. Kayla McKenzie)
10. The Weekend (Feat. The DC Show)
11. One Last Time
12. The Highway

*Stand Out Tracks

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