Justin Bieber… needs help.

I know I rag on the kid a lot. But when it comes down to it… he is just a kid. It really sucks because he actually has talent. He can play multiple instruments, sing, dance, and so on. But he got in with the wrong people and I feel that if he stays on the path he is currently on, the only way out is death.

Who do you blame? Him? Fame? His mom? Usher? I’m leaning toward his mom and possibly Usher. I might be way off because the only one that knows whats has gone on is Justin. It all started with a youtube sensation, and then Usher taking the boy under his wings. Now I don’t know what happened after that, but all control has been lost. Instead of warning him about what happens to people like Michael Jackson that become pop icons at such an early age (or maybe they did and he still chose the path he is on.) but you ALWAYS get sucked in by “Yes Men” willing to do anything for you. They will take your money and shoot you full of whatever you want. These scum bag leeches will drain you of everything, for their own personal gain.

The part that gets me is that he is still a minor. How can he own a massive mansion in ‘MERICA! Why do they let all this shit happen? How can no one do anything about it. He’s constantly in the news doing reckless shit. Sure there are folks in his entourage are always taking the blame, but fuck it, lock them up. Do SOMETHING. His house was recently raided and they found a BUNCH of drugs. But since it wasn’t in the scope of the warrant they did nothing? If it were a cartel and not Bieber’s house, would they have just walked by it? No fucking way. There was weed and molly everywhere. There is a room in his house that the sole purpose of the room is for smoking weed. But that’s not what they were looking for, so none of it matters. The police have come out and said what they have seen, but done nothing about it.

It sounds that in the wake of this his camp is finally pushing for him to go to rehab. It sounds like he is going to pull a Amy Winehouse and say “no, no, no.” And that’s fine. He will end up found in his house OD on something. And I have  also heard rumblings that the USA wants to deport him to Canada, but apparently we aren’t willing to take him back. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the up coming weeks. I am assuming that it will all be swept under the rug as soon as humanly possible.