Jared Leto’s Joker

Unless you have been offline for the past 24 hours, you have seen the image of Jared Leto as the joker. This hit the net and instantly blew it up. I don’t have the stats but I’m sure it exploded more than Kim’s attempt. This has practically started a civil war with nerds and geeks alike. Now I don’t read comics (don’t hold it against me, I want to start) but this is pretty close to what I had expected. Think about it. We knew it would be impossible for anyone to portray the Joker like Heath Ledger did. And many people thought the same thing when Heath was going to bring life to the character after Jack Nicholson. Heath nailed it. And some folks say that is the greatest Joker, and it may be… so far. I have reservation like everyone, but Jared Leto has really shown what he can do as an actor with Dallas Buyers Club and so on. Totally encompassing and morphing into a character. He could bring things to light in the Joker we would have never thought!

Time will tell. As far as I can tell the Joker is constantly changing comics like The Dark Knight, SS, or even video games or cartoons. So why this is such a shock to people, I don’t get it. I think there should be more concern on the Superman VS Batman flick. That’s the one I think that might have the real issues.