Gather ’round one and all!! Its time to celebrate one of the smartest, gorgeous, and amazing people this planet has ever seen! Sure, I might be bias because the fantastic woman is none other than my wife Marie Danielle Innes

Now I know what you are all thinking, “how did a CHUD like that land a girl like her”. You know, I don’t know either, so don’t bring it up or she might come to her senses!
Many of you know her as MDI from our little podcast FYFCast, but she’s been amazing since well before we turned the mics on. Look at her, stealing the show on the cover art like she does in every podcast. 

Let’s rewind further, and see where this leads us. 




Whoops maybe a little too far. Here she is as a wee tot having a bottle from her dad (Big Scotty). I know we
are focusing on MDI, but can we take a quick break and acknowledge that hair and bitchin’ stache?

OK, back to the baby that would grow up into a babe!



From an early age it seems MDI was already working on material for #FYFCDrinks, even though she wouldn’t meet me for a years. Just kidding love, I know you were sleeping because you were WAY cooler than the other people at the party and Facebook didn’t exist so you had a nap. Plus there is no way you were drinking those Diet Pepsi’s!



Who didn’t have awesome pictures like this? From the awesome wicker furniture shot to the “hey whats over there”, anyone that grew up in the 80’s  had them! But none of you looked as cute as MDI.

Again I’m bias, but she’s gorgeous. 

Now this is where she caught my eye, and I had to make her mine. Whoa, that came off kinda stalkerish. But if you have listened to “The Story of US“, then… well you know its true. Now unfortunately my brain is pretty lame, but I believe this was one of the first outings (wedding) she brought me too. What I do remember is going into grade 9 english chatting with a friend, and then she walked in and I was infatuated. For those of you that haven’t listened to the podcasts (dude, what are you waiting for?) I couldn’t help myself. She was beautiful and a singer, and even though I had a girlfriend, I couldn’t stop staring. I still can’t. She catches me all the time looking at her and asks “what?” You know what. I love you.

This could be the first picture of us together. I think there might be one before this but I’m wearing a scarecrow mask, so it doesn’t really count. Already here I was head over heels in love with her. Her family was accepting (most of you, you know who you are lol) of this poor boy from Erieau and we all hit it off really well. Truly, I would have said or did anything to make sure they liked me, I had found a very unique and amazing person that I knew I wanted to marry one day. And I did!

She was breath taking that day. And her entrance was total rockstar! It’s wild but in many ways when she walked in and down the isle it brought me back to when she walked into that classroom in grade 9. Once again she took my breath and stole my heart.

Well my love, unfortunately I can’t be home with you on your special day. I hope this little jog down memory lane will bring a smile to stunning face. Working away is hard, but I’ll  make sure I make it up to you when I come home. I hope your phone blows up from friends and family crushing your social media and wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I love you soo much. Have an amazing birthday babydoll!

If you want to get in on the fun, leave MDI a birthday wish and we will play it on the next FYFCast! Use the number below! Thanks for reading!