It's Been A While

I should probably do a blog entry it has been since January. But what can I say I have been busy. The past few months have been great. We have gone from a tiny operation to an almost legitimate small operation. Our third podcast FEARCast starring my Bro Shawn launched a few weeks ago to so far rave reviews. The FYFC Studios became more then a tag line at the opening of the shows as we finished getting the actual studio ready and recorded the first episode of Lights Out in the new studio.  On a more personal level I am very happy with how far I myself have come along within FYFC Podcasts. Our website went from boring and stale without any real content to being exciting and loaded with dynamic content and able to be updated quickly with new content. As well the quality of recording has come a long way. We have gone from using GarageBand to record in the noisy background of the kitchen to using Logic Pro in a nice quiet studio. You will notice listening to the newer podcasts that the audio is crystal clear and at regular listening levels. In the beginning I had a difficult time with the finished tracks being to quiet but that has all changed recently. Anyways I’m not really sure where I am going with all this I hope to launch a fourth show on the FYFC Podcast Network soon. If you have any ideas what you would like us to talk about let me know.