Internet Travels #1

Hey everyone,

Your old pal Fear here just looking to shoot a little shit with ya. So the internet… that seems to be sticking around eh. Of course it is, I kiid. It’s like the biggest invention ever. Your thoughts? Is it the biggest life changing invention we have come across? Maybe cars? I dunno. I’m losing focus.

So when I’m up north I spend a lot of time online. There isn’t really anything else to do. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I am waiting for the moment to happen much like this DirectTV commercial from 2002.

So with the new year here we at FYFC are taking a look back at 2014, and see what we can do better or what we can improve on to better entertain the fine folks on the web. We have started tossing around the idea of getting our YouTube channel up and running with more content then posting the podcasts. I don’t know if anyone really watches the casts on YouTube. I think most people use apps for that. Now here is where I ask you fine folks. What would you like to see? We have some ideas, but it’s always better to go to the community you are trying to entertain and ask “what do you want to see?” Hit me up at and let me know.

I have been watching videos where people go on Chatroulette and have fun, and make fun of people. The pic beside is an example of things that happen (not my pic). Last night I decided to it out myself. There were a couple of jokes, lotta of dudes showing their cocks… thanks for that you weirdos, and then there was a guy name Richard. It started as any chat all of a sudden there was 3 guys age 18-20 in front of me having some drinks. I thought this is perfect. Here’s some guys that I can joke around with and get some comedy mojo working. That way should we decide to do some of these video I have practice. Needless to say the first 10 mins were golden. I was cracking jokes, the guys were laughing it was great. Then some other folks come in and its pretty much me and Richard talking. He’s a young guy trying to get his GED, and his girlfriend is pregnant. So then it goes into a real fucking deep talk about being a father, and doing whatever it takes to take care of his girlfriend and little one. We talk about what I do for a living, and ways to get into similar fields. I start google-ing things for him. He’s got a pad of paper and writing down everything I am sending him. It became this surreal moment where I was helping this kid.. now remember there is a party going on at his house.. and all he wanted to do was talk about his future. We talked about moving away from home and doing whatever it takes. It was a really amazing conversation between a stranger from Michigan, USA and Alberta, Canada. After 3 times other people in the room asking him “are you still talking to that guy?” I told him he better go enjoy his party and worry about his future tomorrow. He thanked me a lot and we said goodbye.

What a crazy thing, this little conversation we had. I doubt he expected that a conversation on Chatroulette would have turned into this deep discussion. I know I certainly did not. I was trying to get my joker/comedian on, but then we just had this totally real moment. I hope all the best for him and his girlfriend. Since I will probably never see or hear from him again, in my mind I get to make up the ending of his story. In my mind he gets his life moving in the right direction and they live happily ever after.

The situation was different, but this is something that has happened to me MANY times in my life. I try to keep most things light. The world is fulled with so many things that we have to overly serious about. So for the most part I just like to joke around. As you have heard in the podcast or if you have ever met me. One thing that I am very good at is listening. Even better than writing or talking.. listening is an amazing art. And honestly this day in age with attention spans at an all time low I think when you make the effort to connect with someone it blows people minds. I’m sure there are a lot of people that have already stopped reading this because it’s so long. And we love instant gratification. A big reason I like podcasting is my desire to talk and listening to people, and to tell stories. Everyone has a story, and we all live such different lives. So many, MANY, times I end up in deep conversations about all different things with folks and that’s the magic.

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