Internet Pranks.. fuck yeah!

So the internet has REALLY upped the ante with how pranks are done. Especially scary ones. There’s some real amazing ones on YouTube right now. I’m shocked no one has been killed. Although there is also a lot of awesome videos of pranks going wrong. I’ll track down some of my favs and post them on here.

Here are a couple scary pranks that have been sent my way this week. The first one is by DmPranksProductions, who are fantastic. It contains a creepy clown, 30 liters of fake blood, and the stuff nightmares are made of. If you read the description it could have gone terribly wrong as one of the guys being pranked actually pulled a knife. Check it out.

The next is a wicked one from the same guys that did the Chucky prank. Its a little odd because the soundtrack is Friday the 13th, the mask is Michael Myers and he wields Leatherface’s favorite toy. But it would make you piss yourself none the less. Enjoy.