Incompetent to Check ones self out…

Hey misfits,

SO, this happened last night. Razar and I were picking up some items at the local grocery store. I go to this one because I have a points card or something. I don’t know if it really does anything, but I go and scan it none the same.

So to set the scene… as I approach there are two young gents that might as well be Cheech and Chong. They definitely smelled the part. They didn’t know what they were doing at all. I watched as the looked at the items they had, then at the screen, and then at each other… then laugh. The woman who stands guard / presses the buttons when people mess it up what they are doing came over and started scanning the items for them. So in my head I’m like “now that’s high.”

So I go to swipe my points card at the terminal next to them, and it double scans. This causes the machine to shit itself. I am now forced to wait for the elderly lady that is helping Cheech scan though. I am now standing there holding my stuff in one hand, card in the other, staring at the screen. This is when the customer service lady sees me and says “whats the matter dear?” And she comes over to help me. I explain that the machine double scanned and it confused itself. She says “oh, that will do it dear.” And she types some things in the terminal, and then begins to scan my groceries through… just like the stoners!

I turn and look at Razar who is waiting for me and he starts laughing so hard. I am now standing in shock trying not to laugh myself. Razar asks “have you been deemed incompetent?” The lady laughs and says “no he’s fine.” She still proceeds to scan EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY CART. And then tells me “it’s time to pay” and walks away. I paid and left.

I wonder if the amount of weed in the air she thought I was the stoned one.. not sure. But it was a hilarious situation. You probably had to be there.