The Baku 2015 European Games opened on June 12th. The opening ceremony, which is held in Baku, Azerbaijan, opened with Lady Gaga doing a cover of John Lennon’s Imagine. It’s blowing up, and everyone is giving a nod to how well she performed it. Let’s look at John’s first.

John Lennon – Imagine

Now lets take a look at Lady Gaga…

Lady Gaga – Imagine

Not bad. I’m not really a fan, so at some points it seemed a little “theatric” to me, for a song that has such a serious message and under tones. But she can perform.

There are two other versions of the song that I listen to. First is by Canadian band Our Lady Peace. They did the cover live on Lennon’s anniversary. Check it out:

Our Lady Peace – Imagine

And then one that some say makes you think even harder than Lennon’s is a cover by A Perfect Circle. The first time I heard it, I remember just sitting there thinking, holy shit. How many years later, and things have only gotten worse, and worse. Then you watch the video, which is NSFW, and disturbing for some viewers I’m sure. Someone on the video posted a comment that rang out and encompassed everything I thought exactly. Lennon’s version is about being optimistic that the “dream” can one day come true and people will get their shit together. APC took that, and made it into a nightmare. A nightmare in the way that the “dream” will not come true, we are too far gone. I don’t blame them. Watch the video (again there are scenes of violence and other disturbing clips). I don’t mean to leave you on a depressing note. Just provoke your thought process for the day.


A Perfect Circle – Imagine