I Am Pissed Off!! And I Want This Shirt!!!!!!!!!!

So I wake up this morning not feeling very well but I go through my morning routine. Check Twitter, return emails, check our site stats and then check Facebook to see whats going on. So I come across a post with this awesome Official Team Tom Brady T-Shirt.

Brady ShirtKick Ass right. I check it out and find that all the proceeds go to the Best Buddies an organization that works to make every school and community across the US and Canada more inclusive and accepting of people with intellectual disabilities. Ok so awesome shirt, good cause. Yup count me in. I click the link to buy my shirt its $29.99 USD not bad a little more then I usually spend on a shirt but it is an awesome shirt and for a good cause. So I put in my address here in the GCA and then it shows me the total. $59.98 USD WHAT THE FUCK? $29.99 for international shipping. Thats bullshit and this isn’t the first time this has happened I have on multiple occasions gone to buy something and the shipping is fucking ridiculous. I get that we are in a different country but come on thats just a fucking money grab. Our Shirts printed in the US and were shipped to Canada for $9.95 still not great but at least understandable.

I looked up today’s currency exchange rate and this 1 T-Shirt would have cost me $75.11. I have never spend that much on a T-Shirt and I never will.

So I am pissed I want this shirt and I want to support the Best Buddies but there is no way I am paying $29.99 for shipping.  Its a shame that the seller ScrambleSports is ripping people off for shipping because in the end it is the charity that won’t be raising as much money. Maybe they should have went with TeeSpring for their shirts because I know for a fact that it doesn’t cost $29.99 to ship and shirt from the US to Canada.