Halloween…or racist?

This is a weird one. This picture is a scene that was set up for Halloween scares, but some folks are calling racist! It is supposed to be a throwback to the opening scene from the movie Sinister. Take a look at the opening below and let me know what you think. Not going to lie I have seen the movie, but don’t remember if it was any good. Normally that would indicate it wasn’t memorable. Check it out.

Now I suppose they could have put burlap sacks over the “heads” and maybe no one would have said anything. Since the garbage bags that were used were the standard black ones, it becomes a racist event. I think it’s reaching but feel free to chime in below. I in no way take away from the lynching days of old. They were horrific and are an unfortunate part of history. But unless this family has been known to be blatant racists, I think they shouldn’t have had to take it down. If you see that picture and the first thing you think is “they are hanging black folks!” there might be a touch of racism in you. I would have just hung my friends from the tree instead. Yes, I have done that.