Gremlins Reboot gets a Writer!!

Something I have been talking about FOREVER is that there should be a reboot or another sequel to Gremlins! I love both Gremlins flicks. The second was SUPER over the top, but still worth watching. The original is a classic. I like to watch it at Christmas time… it’s a holiday classic right?

Some information that came out this week was that Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia, The Last House on The Left) is set to pen the remake. The 1984 classic was originally scripted by Christopher Columbus. Not the same guy you are thinking about. Christopher is back along with Steven Spielberg to produce.

Now you know me, I’m usually very anti-reboot. But I think an updated Gremlins could end up being amazing. As long as they don’t rely heavily on CGI. I know you need some, but keep some puppet action. It just adds that realistic depth to a film. IMO. What do you think?