“Green Room” – A Film Review

Name: Green Room (2015)
Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller
Rating: 9/10

Tagline: “Now. Whatever you saw or did. Is no longer my concern. But let’s be clear. It won’t end well”


PLOT : A band straying into a secluded part of the Pacific Northwest stumbles onto a horrific act of violence. Because they are the only witnesses, they become the targets of a terrifying gang of skinheads who want to make sure all the evidence is eliminated.

MY TAKE : First of all I am going to say, HOW THE FUCK didn’t I hear about this? I saw a friend (Thanks Tulp) talking about it the other day so I watched it and I’m pissed that I didn’t watch this sooner.

I really, REALLY enjoyed this movie. Jeremy Saulnier has written a fantastic story of a band being in the wrong place at the wrong time and shit going completely off the rails! Anton YelchinCallum TurnerJoe Cole, and Alia Shawkat do a wonderful job as the band trying to survive. But the person that absolutely steals the show is Patrick Stewart! That’s right “Professor X” is in this movie and he’s sinister as HELL. You sit on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen, all while Stewart stays frighteningly calm. 

You know the way I gauge any movie I review is simple… would I watch it again? Not only do I already plan on watching this again sometime soon, but I NEED to own it. That’s how much I liked it. I am shocked that it was made on $5 Million, but only made $3.8 Million. Since I hadn’t heard about it, I wonder if there was some screw ups in the marketing of the film. It’s way to good to not make that money back. I hope it’s found a cult following and does well on Blu-Ray and DVD. If you like horror / thriller films, this is one you need to see! Green Room puts panic and tension to the max in an insane cat and mouse game. Check it out and let me know what you think below!

… Run along kiddies …



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