Grab a shirt and Support the Movement!!

Hey all you sexy mofos! Want to know how to get sexier? Grab yourself one of these fine FYFC Podcasts shirts! Ah, who am I kidding. It’s not the shirt that will make you sexier but YOU making our shirt sexier! Think about you it. Haven’t you always wanted to be a model? Here’s your chance! After you purchase your shirt, send us a picture! Not only do we want to shout you out on social media but also show you off! We are going to plaster your gorgeous mug on our website and maybe send you some free goodies for being so awesome! Click the link, buy the merch!

And I know I say it a lot, but big thanks to all you fine bastards! The amount of people listening and saying wonderful things is mind blowing to us. We are just some crazy folks recording our crazy conversations! If you would like to be on an episode reach out to us! We could do something fun over Skype or possibly have you into the GCA studio! We can do some cross overs! Spread the #podlove . We love chatting, with each other and with other interesting people. Don’t be shy, you know we aren’t!

We are also in the works to revamp the website! Slow and steady. New episodes of Fearcast and FYFCast very soon!


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