Got Balls – Week 2

Cowboys fans have officially been placed on suicide watch. Some of the worst teams in recent history pulled off wins and the DeflateGate Haters (Ravens & Colts) as well as the defending NFC Champions are 0-2. It was a great week in the NFL.

Sad Buffalo Fan

Sad Bills Fan

Romo Gets Crushed

Romo Broken Collarbone

Tripping Ref

Tripping Official

No One Will High Five Brady

Brady denied high five

Maybe This Is Why?

Brady picking nose

Super Edelman

Edelman Airborne Front Edelman Airborne Side

JPPs Mangled Paw

JPPs Hand

Angry Pete Carroll is ANGRY!!!!

Pete Mad 1 Pete Mad 2 Pete Mad 3 Pete Mad 8 Pete Mad 7 Pete Mad 6 Pete Mad 5 Pete Mad 4

49ers Fans Starting Shit

Rodgers Post Game Interview