#FYFCReviews : The Hills Have Eyes (2006)


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This week FEAR reviews horror film: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

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What’s up kiddies!? I’m back, and today we will be reviewing The 2006 remake of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes. The screen play based off Craven’s film was written by Alexandre Aja & Grégory Levasseur, who you might know from their film Haute tension 0r High Tension. Which I just learned has been renamed Switchblade Romance.

As with Switchblade Romance, Aja also takes the helm as director. The film follows a family that is targeted by a group of cannibalistic mutants after their SUV breaks down in the desert. The film starts out with a fantastic opening sequence of the 331 nuclear tests that happened between 1945 and 1992 in the deserts of New Mexico.

Right out the gate we find out that the creepy guy from the gas station is in cahoots with the mutants. He want’s out, but they just keep pulling him in. It looks like they bring him any valuables as payment for covering things up. And then mister “would you fuck me?” Ted Levine shows up with a family full of dysfunction. Ted’s character Bob is a dick to creepy guy and he tells them about a “short cut”. I just want to say, NEVER take a damn shortcut when you are in the middle of nowhere. And I know its a typical horror troupe, but it’s painful.

The two “Alpha males” decide to split up… again, dumb idea, but a horror troupe that has to happen. We get to see a little bit about how the ladies feel about their current predicament and the trip in general. That’s when the whitest girl ever says wants “the chronic”. If you are a pothead going on a road trip, you definitely have a stash. If I was trapped in the desert, I’d be high as balls 30 seconds after the crash. Then Bobby, played by Dan Byrd makes a weird jokes about his moms obsession with snakes. What kind of weirdo is that kid?

The shots of the desert are beautiful. Turns out that’s because it’s not the New Mexico desert, the film was shot in Morocco! Even the massive crater that Aaron Stanford‘s character Doug finds had to be man made as the nuclear tests never actually made a creator like that. It really helps with the feeling of isolation and showing a bunch of craters gives a feeling that they were willy-nilly with the testing, which even though not the case, made it feel like they could nuke some families and not think twice. 

Things I didn’t like: I don’t think people would just split up like that and leave people vulnerable like that. I also wouldn’t think that anyone would take a random short cut in the desert. Maybe it just seems stupid to me, but I know my crew wouldn’t be down. Also why does it go from super bright daylight, then its night time. How long was the Ted gone? How long was Dan Byrd knocked out?

Things I did like: Once the film really pops off it becomes a joy to watch. The rape scene is absolutely brutal and hard to watch, but it catapults Aaron Stanford into a Rambo style revenge story. There’s some great action and special effects from the kills to the mutants. I also liked that even though they are all covered in blood and think they have won, they are still stuck in the middle of the damn desert! With a baby!

Hope you all dig this review, hit me up and let me know what you think of the film!


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