FYFCast 99 – Looking for Love in Olya Wrong Places

FYFCast 99: In this episode you will Hear:

– Razar starts the show by reading a love letter from what we are hoping, will be the love of his life!
– MDI is very unimpressed with the Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival.
– Fear goes full retard while helping Razar write to his woman.
– Then something terrible happens, which one of these hosts are now fired?

– Fear’s Five!
— If there was a moment in high school you could relive or change, what would it be? (Submitted by Travis of This Freakin’ Show)
— Would you Rather, live for an eternity at age 30, OR Live 30 lives consecutive?(Submitted by Jarmin Wynter of L.I.F.E Cast Podcast)
— Everyone has to choose one of the other two hosts to fire. No loop holes, can’t pick yourself. FIRE SOMEONE! (Submitted by Shawn iams Fuller from HorriblyAwkward Show)
— If there was no risk of being injured, who would you hug… a Panda or a Polar bear? 
— Would you rather die a painful death that goes down in history OR, painless death but everyone hates you for it?

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Black Label Society – Fire It Up
3) Bon Jovi – Blaze Of Glory
4) The D.C. Show – Spend the Night
5) Sia – California Dreamin

– The Hog & Whistle! (#HogAndWhistle)
— Zack Elmore (THREELUNATICS) would like a nice electric butt plug. We have 2 options. One we build ourselves, and these:

— Mandy from Little Geek Lost said her and her friend Cat Skeeter-Free would love something. So we are going to be shipping out some new candies we have in stock.


— Clint from GeekDig Podcast would like to send his buddy Roel Santos this fantastic little number:


— In an interesting turn of events Mike Jolitz & Gareth Thomas are sending each other a fantastic combo made in heaven:

519fjykzpil 6a00d8341d837f53ef01156fa6cbf0970b

— We also received an email order from a female customer who would like to remain anonymous. We are of course going to keep that wish because marijuana is illegal in New York State where this woman is living. This lovely lady will be receiving the CockPipe to enjoy with her gentleman. All we ask is that you are careful with the lighter around Ray’s donger. 


— And last but not least, with things getting cold in the winter our brother Ray from The Naked Porch will need one of these to protect his little Mister:


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