FYFCast 98 – I’m not a fan of VA-GINA!

FYFCast 98: In our first ever full show live on Facebook you will Hear:

– Razar starts off by asking the question “what would be on top of your Christmas Tree?”
MDI brings to the table “what artist, past or present would make you scream like girls used to for The Beatles?”
Fear brings up: Words that bother you.

– Fear’s Five!
— Would you Rather, Go on a date with OJ Simpson OR, Dr. Huxtable himself? (Submitted by James Leblond of Ehnother Podcast)
— Would you Rather, be a rich man with a limp dick OR, a poor porn star?(Submitted by JD Blut of Krysies VS Blut Show)
— If you cloned yourself, would giving your clone a wank (HJ) be wrong? (Submitted by Gully from The Rock Show)
— If you cloned your wife, would it be weird to have a  threesome with the clone and your wife? (Submitted by Ray from The Naked Porch)
— If you cloned yourself and your wife, would it be weird to watch them have sex or ? (Submitted by Ray from The Naked Porch)

** And then the cloning of other body parts took off from Danielle (The Naked Porch) and show was gone from the rails in typical FYFC fashion! **

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Pantera – By Demons, Be Driven
3) Pantera – Domination
4) Metallica – The Four Horsemen

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