FYFCast 95 – The Toilet Seat Conspiracy

FYFCast 95: In this episode you will Hear:

Razar shimmy’s into the studio to start the show!
Fear gets gender reassignment surgery?
– Internet horror – 2Girls1Cup, Blue Waffle and more!
– MDI makes Razar fix her email after the re-branding
– We talk about preparing for our up coming 
– We are in the local paper again!!
– We talk about preparing for our up coming live show
– A listener brings up “The Toilet Seat Conspiracy” and MDI rebuttals. 

– Fear’s Five!
— Would you Rather, have sex with a family member OR, a family member?
— Would you Rather, stuck on an island with a killer OR, stuck in the ocean with hungry sharks?
— Would you Rather, be blind OR, see spirits where ever you go?
— Would you Rather, experience sleep paralysis every single night OR, occasional hallucinations during the day?
— Would you Rather, dip foot in acid OR, set it on fire?

— Would you Rather, be tortured by a ghost OR, an alien?

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
3) Tech N9ne(Feat. Krizz Kaliko) – What If It Was Me 

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