FYFCast 93 – The Truck Stop Deuce

FYFCast 93: In this episode you will Hear:

– Razar is experiencing some negative effects of his new diet which made him break a personal rule
– Does he frequent truck stops? And why?
Fear & MDI discuss Kim Kardashian being robbed, if she had it coming, & maybe its a good thing
– We also talk about the creepy clown sightings
– Just how stupid people are
– We wrap up with some Fear’s 5 discussing aliens.

– Fear’s Five!
— Would you Rather, hear the voices of dead people OR, see their ghosts?
— Would you Rather, cut off your own arm OR, gouge out your own eye?
— Would you Rather, be convicted of a crime you didn’t commit OR, kill and get away with it?
— Would you Rather, be abducted by aliens OR, possessed by a demon?
— Would you Rather, live a (miserable) eternal life OR, go straight to hell tomorrow?

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Desiigner – Panda
3) The Weeknd (Feat. Daft Punk) – Starboy

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