FYFCast 90 – The Sequel to Episode 89

FYFCast 90: In this episode you will Hear:
– Razar recaps the first week of the NFL season
– MDIFear & Razar then jump into a discussion on the Best & Worst movie sequels


– Fear’s Five! (LIVE ON FACEBOOK)
— Would you Rather, have Tony Romo as your QB and win or your current QB and lose (From The Tavern PodCast)
— Would you Rather, have whatever you are thinking appear above your head, or have everything live streamed for anyone to see? (From John – Blackcore VR)
— Would you Rather, have hands that kept growing as long as you live, or feet that kept growing? (From John)
— Would you Rather, be famous when you are alive & forgotten when you die or be unknown while you are alive but famous after you die? (From John)
— What is your favourite cover song?


Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster
3) Frankie Valli – Grease
4) John Travolta & Olivia Newton John – Summer Nights
5) Terminator 2: Judgment Day Theme
6) The Trews – Hold Me in Your Arms



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