FYFCast 86 – Like an Anal Venus Fly Trap?

FYFCast 86: In this episode you will Hear:

– We had the amazing pleasure of being interviewed by the Airdrie City View
Ryan Lochte & Jimmy Feigen are full of shit
MDI HATES birds!
– We chat Suicide Squad
Razar gives us our Olympic Update
– We anger our geek fans as we create Olympian Super Heros
– MDI has a Choir Audition, it’s not on Skid Row
– We check out latest VOICEMAILS!! (Thanks Nick from Epic Film Guys)
Fear talks about some of the crazy shit he hears at work
Fear’s Five! (Oh Daniel, we love you)
— Would you Rather, Suck Donald Trump’s dick OR eat Hillary’s Pussy?
— Would you Rather, Be tasered for 5 seconds OR a 10 hit Slap bet?
— Would you Rather, Be punched in the face with brass knuckles by Mike Tyson OR Punch a toddler and have it be seen by thousands of people?
— Would you Rather, Magically flip genders every year OR Be forced to move and start fresh every year?
— Would you Rather, Drive a penis shaped smart car OR Be spanked by Rosie O’Donnell every morning?

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LittleGeekLost Podcast
The Countdown Pod

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