FYFCast 82 – When MDI is Away, The Boys Will Play

FYFCast 81: MDI isn’t able to record so Fear & Razar call in some guests to talk some craziness. First they reach out to the Chicago Kid from the GeekDig Podcast the one and only Clint Thiele. Then we have the hurricane that is Scotty Shooz soon to be host of METALWORK (whenever he gets it up and running!) Calling you out Scotty!

In this episode you will Hear:
– We are having a shitty week at work
– Razar’s “horrible thing”
– Role playing, with sound effects
– Clint takes a long time to turn off the porn and join the convo
– Building walls… in Minecraft and Canada
– America’s impending Civil War
– Clint’s rise to power… and weakness
– Fear smells like dick and Shane.. I mean shame
– Clint is 49 & no longer allowed near farms since he’s a “Pigophile”
– Sex robot that makes you hot chocolate
– Games we are looking forward too this fall
– Scotty gets high with Frampton
– Voting is dumb / Two flies land on a piece of shit
– Whatever happened to Moosehead?
– Joining the Army / Satan in the A-hole
– Clint in the army! / Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
– Dick pics via email
– Scotty goes into a story that starts about a French song.. then goes into the abyss….
– Fear’s 4 brought to you by Mike Jolitz