FYFCast 62 – We Look Forward To Your Letters

Strap in, this might be our most offensive episode yet! MDI, Razar and Fear are joined by the one and only Adam from Everyone Has A Podcast. It has EVERYTHING! Talks of a handicapped dictator, puppet show, offensive banter of little people, almost all religions and so much more. Then in FYFC fashion we end up in a deep conversation of beliefs and evolution. We look forward to your letters.

Big announcements made on the show:

– We broke a milestone no one thought would ever happen!

Also as you may have seen from the website The Naked Porch podcast have joined the FYFC Podcast Network!!


We also made the charts for the the first time! And congrats to other shows in the #PodernFamily movement! Passers-by Podcast, Afterburn739, The Pop Culture Cafe, & Jason Blut with Krysies.