FYFCast 116 – Moderately Concussed

In this Episode…..

  • We open the show discussing the recently announced food & entertainment for this year’s Calgary Stampede.
  • MDI & Razar try an amazing restaurant in town.
  • MDI has some sex ed questions that Razar & Fear can’t answer
  • And finally MDI tells the tale of her daughters first concussion. 

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Fear’s Five!

— Your bedroom is now called “The FunderDome”. What song is playing?
— Batman gets his name from his fear of bats, using that logic… what’s your superhero name?
— What is something common that has never happened to you?
— Freddy Krueger, The Joker & Jason Voorhees are after you. You can pick any 3 fictional character from film and TV to protect you. Who do you pick?
— If you could sell your soul to the devil, what would you sell it for?

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) July Talk – Summer Dress
3) R. Kelly – Bump N Grind
4) Ginuwine – Pony
5) Lamb of God – Black Label
6) Pantera – Planet Caravan

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