FYFCast 114 – They’ll Never Suspect A Baby

In this Episode…..

– We have a recall warning for Bombay Sapphire gin across Canada

– We go off about provincial aptitude testing
– Has EVERYONE seen Shrek?
– The Edmonton Oilers have a shitter problem
– Red Sox fans are racist Dbags
–  A plane turns into a fireball, but no injuries
– Facebook now allows you to add “reactions” to your comments
– Youtube pranker removes stop signs in new prank, bro
– Prince Philip is… not dead!
– US officials question a 3 month old terrorist
– Facebook hires 3,000 people to help remove LIVE Violence 
– Thomas Cook has some amazingly stupid complaints from travellers

Plane Crash Video

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Fear’s Five!

— What your most embarrassing moment? (We have a listener write in with a question! You can too fear@fyfcstudios.com)
— If you were given a blank check and told to by anything you want, no matter the cost, what do you buy?
— Would you rather: Take someone’s cup of quarters at a casino, OR punch a baby? (Brian Bennett from Rollin Off Track Podcast)
— Would you rather: Kiss a cow’s ass, OR eat liver and onions? (Mark Bogner from The Tangent-Bound Network)
— If you could remake one movie what would it be? (Mandy Osipenko from LittleGeekLost)

Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Outkast – Roses
3) Sweet – Fox on the Run


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