FYFCast 111 – Let Zombie Jesus Smoke With You

FYFCast 110: In this episode you will Hear:

      • With MDI away, the patients are running the asylum! Leaving Fear & Razar to their own devices!
      • The removal of a passenger on a United Airlines flight
      • The removal of an unwanted passenger on a Westjet flight
      • Cancellation of a local Taco eating contest
      • Princess Leia is back! Sorta…
      • “Excuse me waiter, there’s a bat in my salad!”
      • Latest developments in the legalization of weed in Canada 
      • RIP Charlie Murphy
      • Lots more!

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Fear’s Five!

— Lapdance or poledance? (Rob and Slim Show)
— You have to fuck a mermaid! Do you go… fish top / lady bottom OR lady top / Fish bottom? (Octopus/Caveman)
— Would you Rather, fight 1 Trump-sized duck OR, 100 duck-sized Trumps? (Ned Kenney CEO of Laughable)
— You’re trapped on the toilet but forgot your phone/tablet. What do you do to entertain yourself for 10-15 mins?
— If religion and currency never happened how would humanity be controlled?

BONUS: Fuck, Marry, Kill = Whoopie Goldberg, Bill Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum.

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Music Featured in this episode:

1) King Dylan – FYFCast Theme
2) Apocalyptica (Feat. Corey Taylor) – I’m Not Jesus
3) Ozzy Osbourne – Perry Mason

– The Hog & Whistle! (#HogAndWhistle)
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