FYFC wants YOU!!!

Hey misfits,

We are looking for talent. I know thats a broad statement, but really we want to showcase anything and everything. If you are a musician we would love to have you on, play some tracks, live or recorded, and interview you. Or you can just join in to a “normal” show. Are you a painter? Tattoo artist? Photographer? We can showcase your talents as well. We can talk to you, and post some links on our website really spread the love.

We are also looking for sponsors. Are you a local business that is looking for a place to post ads? We can even shoot some spots for you or throw shout outs on the podcasts.

Do you have something going on in the YYC? Would you love to have that read out on a podcast or some pictures taken? We are not just a podcasting company, we have a great photographer on crew also!

We are looking for any level of talent. Just started a band? Been playing awhile and want to stretch out your reach? We have listeners all over Canada and USA. We can also do all this over Skype for folks that are not in the Calgary area.

Hit us up at info@fyfc.ca and we can get the ball rolling! We have had a few bands get in touch with us already! Thanks for tuning in and hope to do some business with you soon!

~Fear & The FYFC Crew