FYFC Podcasts are Buying A Harrier

Yes you read that right. No we aren’t insane…well maybe a little bit.

If you have been listening to FYFCast you will know that this all started a couple days ago. I came across an article about a guy a little bit north of here selling a Hawker Siddley Sea Harrier. This gentleman used to work for Rolls-Royce Aerospace who made the engines for the Harrier and 5 years ago when he had the chance to buy one from the Royal Navy he did. He has decided to sell it because he has doesn’t have the time to restore it. He says it is fixable and flyable.

So Fear and I joked around about it; “Dude we should totally buy it”. The more we joked around about it the crazier the ideas got. “We should buy it and restore it”. Then of course we started asking ourselves what the hell would we do with a Harrier and how are we gonna come up with that kind of money.

We decided the best idea would be to buy it, store it in a hanger at the airport while it is being restored and then donate it to the local Aerospace museum. That is of course if they would take it, if not we would have to find another museum for it to call home.

Then of course the real question “How the hell are we going to buy a Harrier?” Sure we do alright for ourselves but we don’t have millions of dollars laying around especially to blow on a fighter jet. So that’s when we got thinking why not try Kickstarter. If a guy can get $55,000 to make a potato salad I am sure we can get enough money to buy a Harrier!

The more we discussed it the more we thought maybe this isn’t so crazy. Maybe this could turn into something amazing. What if; we will buy a Harrier, restore it and donate it to a museum all the while making a film documenting every step of the way. And with that is was decided.

FYFC Podcasts are Buying a Harrier! But we need your help!

We have decided to launch a kickstarter to fund this amazing project. We have already started work on the documentary and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this project.

If it goes horrible well at least we can say we tried and we will have an awesome documentary on failure.

If it goes great well I guess we will have a Harrier.

Check out the project on Kickstarter

The FYFC Crew