FYFC.ca & Podcasting

So me and Fear have owned www.fyfc.ca for quite some time now but I have been so busy with other things that it has been just sitting there as a parked domain with nothing on it. So I got talking to Fear this morning and we decided we are going to start up the podcast again (FYFCast and Lights Out Radio) as well possibly some new ones. So I decided I better get the website up and running so people can at least find us and get the podcasts.  So take a look the website is up and running right now all it has is links to our blogs but we shall build from that.

Speaking of the podcasts we started them a few months ago and we really enjoyed making them and from what little feedback we got other people really enjoyed listening to them. Unfortunately life got in the way and we just didn’t have the time to do them for awhile but now we have decided we are going to make time for them and start them up again. Now this time around due to scheduling we will probably only have new eps every 3 weeks but they will hopefully be longer and much more quantitive than before.  Anyways stay tuned.