Fuck Last Call – The DC Show Release Party

So last night MDI, myself and a couple of friends had the pleasure of being at The DC Show’s album release party at Vagabond Brewery in downtown Calgary. While many of us are nursing headaches and hangovers after a great party I wanted to take the time to let everyone know just how good of a show it was.

First of all the Venue. I personally have never been to Vagabond’s in Calgary. I am not much of a bar guy unless there is some great live music. The Vagabond is a great venue for live music with a nice open concept design and fairly good acoustics. The service however was not great but in a full bar with live music that can be excused.  When we got to the bar I was very pleased to see MC Mossberg at the door greeting people and handing out CDs. King Dylan and GQ were also near by greeting everyone and thanking them for coming out. It was great to see them immediately engaged with there audience and generally excited to see everyone come out to support them.

The opener was Lyka Fox a R&B/Soul group also from Calgary. After some early sound issues they performed very well. The singer sounded great and they did a very good job of getting the crowd going.

The second opener was Iron Lion a rap group. I’m gonna be honest here they weren’t good in my opinion. Their beats mostly consisted of Michael Jackson samples and there rhymes were more boastful and generic then anything. The only real highlight of their set was when King Dylan joined them on stage and made them look rather foolish in comparison.

The DC Show hit the stage in their super hero personas and ripped the bar wide open with their first track Take Down, a hard hitting no holds barred song that let everyone in the bar know they were ready to kick some ass. They continued with the same attitude and energy through out their entire set. King Dylan spent most of the set all over the stage. He took time both jumping all over the stage and posting up on a large monitor working the crowd. He did all this without sounding winded or tired and his vocal performance was phenomenal all night even after his mic was knocked into his mouth by an arrant elbow of GQs. GQ, much like King Dylan, was jumping around and working the crowd all without missing a beat even after hitting his head on a low hanging lamp over the stage multiple times. Buttnz was also on all night working the crowd and delivering his verses with the vicious attack in his voice I personally love. While MC Mossberg was not quite as energetic on the stage as the other guys when his time came everyone took notice. His delivery as always was threatening I don’t believe Mossberg needs to be very energetic on stage because the way he delivers his verse everyone knows he is ready to kick some ass at a moments notice. There was really nothing to mention in terms of misses the whole performance was amazing. GQ shined on Spend The Night delivering the high vocals in the chorus that I thought out shined the performance on the album by Ashla. Buttnz as well was incredible in his singing roles, delivering the chorus to Left with Hate with such energy and emotion. King Dylan was absolutely amazing switching from being out in front of the stage to playing acoustic guitar to playing keyboard, there where actually a few times I thought the back track was playing only to look over and see Dylan playing the keyboard live. They also had a guest guitarist in Kyle Heese who was perfect in his solos and provided excellent backing sound to a few guitar heavy songs. Kyle also pulled double duty as sound tech when the original sound tech didn’t show up to the show. The crew did a great job of mixing in a few old favourites with new tracks closing out the night with a personal favourite of mine Motorboat with a reprise to Fuck Last Call. It was an absolutely incredible show. Everyone I was with and talked to had a great time and were very impressed with the show that was put on.

I am hoping that there will be at least a few more shows that I can be at. These boys have talent, heart and amazing showmanship. It was an amazing night to release an amazing CD.