FEARCast Poll: Nickelback Vs Stone Sour

What’s up kiddies! As many of you may know Chad Kroeger from Nickelback recently talked some shit about Corey Taylor & his band Stone Sour. Check it out HERE to get caught up.

I’m a fan of both bands, I suppose. I haven’t listened to Nickelback since their album Dark Horse back in 2008. Which I just found out they have had 3 others since then. I guess I’m not as much of a fan as I originally thought. Actually checking Stone Sour as well they’ve had 4 since I was actively listening to them. LOL, well there you go. 

Now I am a massive fan of Corey, I’ve been a Slipknot fan forever. Anyway, so this back and forth sparked a debate online, so I created the first #FEARCastPoll. And after 24 hours, here’s how it ended. 332 votes and Nickelback took it by 60%.
I was a little shocked by this. Don’t get me wrong I know Nickelback has a MASSIVE following, but I thought for sure Corey would have the online numbers. Is this surprising to you? Now comes the question, what should the next poll be? Should we do like a bracket system? Do we keep Nickelback until they are beat out? Or should we just pick two other bands, artists, guitarists, etc and winner take all? Leave us a comment below and lets keep this silly shit going. Shout out to my boy Ray for killing the artwork.


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