FEARCast Poll: Nickelback Vs Metallica

What’s up kiddies! The summer “FEARCast Poll” mash-ups continued this week! Nickelback beat out Stone Sour last week so put them up against Metallica. So many people said “is this even a question?” Yes it was, and here’s why we did it. I was curious to see how these bands would shape up. Is Metallica way bigger? Some would say yes, but they are also older. And this was what made me want to do it. Would Metallica, an old school pioneer walk all over Nickelback? Or would the social media presence be there for Nickelback?

This was a MUCH closer fight then the Stone Sour one. In the start it was ALL METALLICA. And it looked like it would be a blow out. But then Nickelback fan clubs from all over jumped on board and this became a real fight! 491 votes later, by the skin of their balls Metallica took it! This still had a lot of the internet shouting that the trolls were the only thing that made this a contest. Maybe so, but that’s the internet. We will have a new poll up, possibly later today. Who will Metallica take on? Who do you think they should be up against? Old rivals, new challengers? Stay tuned! Shout out to my boy Ray for killing the artwork.



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