FEARCast (Bonus) – A Kindly Reminder

FEAR & The Champ bring a bonus episode of FEARCast.

In this episode we talk about:
– It’s Friday night??
– Trying to not shit on someone’s dream
– Champ has a nemesis in Josh Thomson (MMA Fighter)
– How to get your white privilege card?
– The ban list, hand over your phone, this place is a mess
– Give me “the minivan”
– Fear gets himself and someone banned by their own family
– Fuckin’ millennials, snowflakes, Gen Y
– FUCK YOU, everything can be funny, if you don’t like it FUCK YOUR CUNT MOUTH!
– Facebook allows people to post the most fucked up shit
– Passenger – A Kindly Reminder
– Ray & I had a discussion… Fuck Trump, but he’s the guy
– Enough of the Trump
– Kangaroo Videos!!
– Who will he fight? Should he fight Connor?
– Joe Rogan Questions Everything: Robo-sapien?
– The new sex robots are next level
– Who doesn’t want to fuck Siri?
– The Champ does Virtual Reality
– Is the next step in human evolution… robots?
– What’s the fucking government making?
– Are there robots amongst us?


Kangaroo Does A Sleeper Hold On Another Kangaroo!

wild kangaroo street fight


Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme
2) Passengers – A Kindly Reminder

VIDEO: Passenger | A Kindly Reminder (with lyrics)

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