FEARCast 98 – Zack Ward

FEAR gets a chance to sit down with the one and only Zack Ward!

 In this episode we talk about:
– How Zack got started in the bizz!
– Being Scut Farkus, and the legend of “A Christmas Story
– We talk about his appearances in ALL the CSI shows
– “I have a douchebag face”
– The sitcom that was before it’s time, and still amazing: Titus
– The network HATES Chris Titus, you won’t see it on DVD.
Almost Famous… Kate Hudson’s booty… that is all
– Transformers, Zack’s perfect day!
– Zack loves being the bad guy!
– I gush over how I fell in love with him in Freddy vs. Jason
– I wanted him to be the next one to wear “THE GLOVE”
– We talk about his new films RestorationBethany (Check out FEARCastJ’s Review HERE)
– How Zack eats lol
– We go off on a political tangent, discussing Trump, Kathy Griffin, Guns and more.
– The pussification of North America.
– What’s coming up next for Zack?
– Tips from a pro, to someone just starting out and more!

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Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme
2) APMAs 2015: Halestorm and Corey Taylor – “Hunger Strike”
3) Chris Cornell – Black Hole Sun (Live At Red Robinson Show Theatre)


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