FEARCast 90 – Tom Costabile

FEAR grabs his camcorder and heads to Hell with writer/director Tom Costabile!

In this episode we talk about:
– Tom’s adventure: Animation, Film then… Realestate?
– Did he just say Jar Jar Binks?
– How a good kid goes bad
– The only way to go extreme is to go to Hell
– The “Cole’s Notes” version
– Found footage and a 3D Hell
– B Horror going mainstream, and we miss video stores
– The disappearance of hard media; BluRay, DVD, etc
Blockbuster could have owned Netflix
– The religious community is up in arms! All of them!
– Making VooDoo more real with improv
– Ron Jeremy enters the picture…
– VooDoo wrapped on the Blood Moon and other crazy behind the scenes stuff
– The study of all religion and what Hell would look like
– Turns out Dani is a lying whore, so fuck her!
– Sex with the Devil – Our opinions
– What would the devil’s dick look like?
– You take the good with the bad
– What’s next for Tom?
– Sam “Mad Sam” DeStefano… is a monster.
– Make sure you check out VooDoo, you will be entertained!


Tom‘s Social:
– Twitter
– Facebook/Website
–  VooDoo Twitter- Twitter
Hypercube Films Website
–  VooDoo IMDB

How To Watch VooDoo:
– Amazon
– iTunes

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme
2) Traverse the Abyss – 21 Or Bust

Traverse the Abyss‘ Social:
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Bandcamp

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