FEARCast 88 – Brian Slagel (CEO Metal Blade Records)

FEAR & Ray really open up a moshpit with the CEO of Metal Blade Records, Brian Slagel.

In this episode we talk about:
– How did the label start?
– Bringing the DYI of NWOBHM to USA
– Brian couldn’t play, so he promoted!
– Did Brian envision that he was finding some stars in the scene?
– Learning he business side of the music industry.
– The first three years… in Brian’s mom’s garage… 
– The digital age of music. 
– From Fanzine to social media.. its all about the networking and support!
– A great surprise from Kerry King!
– Ray are you still there?
– The 35th anniversary TOUR & BOOK!
– Any bands that you thought would have been more successful?
– “That’s total shit, go try again.”
– We didn’t get Pantera‘s Cowboys From Hell… but I hear they did OK.
– Drinking Jack with Slash.. but I hear they did OK.
– The Metal Misconduct Podcast is born
– How times have changed, or have they?
– Metal is EVERYWHERE. All industries.
– How music is shared in the digital age


Brian‘s Social:
– Metal Misconduct Twitter
– Website

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme

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