FEARCast 87 – B. Harrison Smith

FEAR has the amazing pleasure of sitting down with the Writer/Director/Producer B. Harrison Smith.

In this episode we talk about:
– Starting at age 10 with a super 8
– Comedy show with his brother
The Fields was the jump off!
– Not everyone is a film maker, not all woman are Scream Queens
– How many people do what they say in their high school year book?
– Harrison takes on The “Snowflake Generation”
– He finally watched the 2016 Ghostbusters… he had some notes
– We waited 20 years for another Independence Day???
– “My job is to judge your trailer.” Nope you are a douche!
– “We are picking fly shit, out of pepper”
– “When film and art become fast food product, we no longer appreciate it.”
– We love Godzilla, and Rogue One!
– The power of film, we are losing it 
– There is just too much content out there anymore. 
– People need to wake the fuck up!
– The Walking Dead should be backing down on the violence 
– Are the powers that be controlling you? Is this by design?
– Celebrity worship. The monster called 2016
– What is Death House? A LOT OF FUCKING FUN!!
– See something Say something?
– The disappearance of Hard Media… 
– Roy Scheider killed Kennedy… there we said it.
– There’s nothing social, about social media
– The internet has given people a voice, that maybe shouldn’t have one

Harrison‘s Social:
– Twitter
– Website

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme

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