FEARCast 84 – Diablo Dean

FEAR & J suit up and join the KEEF ARMY! Pack a bowl and get ready for our hilarious chat with writer /director Diablo Dean!

** Released to Patreon 1.30.17 **


In this episode we talk about:
– Being a “wannabe film maker”
– Developing Deet ‘n Bax Save Th World based on 2 scenes… for a different movie
– Being a “driven motherfucker!”
– Step 1: Write the goddamn script… or is it?
– Shooting the Proof of Concept
– If you got money… they will come
– The Furlong kiss goodnight…
– The search is on for a new Deet… with only 26 pages…
– Jay & Craig hit it off and become DEET & BAX!
– Weston Cage, is Javier
– What is the Keef Army?
– Stone or Stoned Troopers?
– What’s next for Deet ‘n Bax 
– Diablo has lived with Undertakers, Native Americans and more! 
– Diablo has movie films coming down the pipe!

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme

 – Website


And this fucking song has been stuck in my head for a couple days:

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