FEARCast 76 – Meghan Hanna “Two Chicks Cocktails”


Fear gets down and dirty with Two Chicks! Well, sort of. I have the awesome opportunity to chat with Meghan Hanna CEO of Two Chicks Cocktails.

In this episode we talk about:
– It starts all business, but then we both open up!
– The story of Two Chicks
– Cocktails that create a feeling of “being enough”?
– Growing up in the jail yard!
– At the count of 3 lets all let our guards down. 1… 2…
– “Did he just fucking say that??”
– Its ok to fail, and just be yourself. #NoFakeShit
– Sometimes, you just have to be selfish
– “… that sounds like hell on earth to me!”
– Let’s talk flavours
– “I forgot how good they are!”
– We have to cross the boarder!
– I can say what? FUCK YEAH!
– Meghan is Classy AF, so say FYFC!
– Men & Women handle shit, differently
– We are both Leo’s?
– Let’s go deep into signs and astrology
– Kids are just amazing little humans
– The big election, how Canadians react

Two Chicks Cocktails‘ Social:
– Website
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Instagram

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Our Last Enemy – FEARCast Theme


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