FEARCast 51 – The Champ’s Metal Farewell

Fear & The Champ record a late episode. The boys start off with drunk stories then move onto Pacquiao vs Bradley 3, Rothwell vs. dos Santos, and UFC 200. After the break they search out some interesting news: Monkey Drop Kicks Unsuspecting Pedestrian, Penis Ring Sparks Bomb Alert, Bank Robbers Wrap Up Head-To-Toe In Aluminum Foil, & This Year’s Penis Festival in Japan! Fear & Champ discuss if Justin Bieber is appropriating black culture with his new dreadlocks, and just how much Champ hates metal. It’s the wrong show for that talk, and Fear tells him it might be his last.

Music Featured in this episode:

1) Cannibal Corpse – Kill or Become
2) Smashface – Anthem
3) Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills


Monkey Drop Kick:

The Penis Festival

Justin Bieber’s new dreads… You can click here or here to check out some pics and read the comments. Honestly it was like 1am and we had already worked 10+ hours at our job. I wanted to get way more in-depth with all of the cultural appropriation.. but it’s just such a deep subject that people as tired as we were just couldn’t do it justice.