FEARCast 35 – 2 Jedi’s Wearing Tights Fight on Black Friday over “Merry Christmas”

The Champ (@NSGoldenGloves) sits down with Fear (@thefearagenda) to talk about something other than fights! Listen as the boys talk about men in tights, and if that’s ok… Also Star Wars, Black Friday, Kids being tossed out of malls for saying “Merry Christmas” and toys Now Vs Then!

We talk about The Champ and his new Muhammad Ali tights that he purchased for working out. In his mind he looks like:


GSP or even:


Now he was supposed to get me a picture of him to put up here, to defend his honour. He did not. So I can only assume that the workers thought he looked like this:


Or possibly this:

Then we talk about how fucked up Black Friday is. Why do people believe that they can act like animals for shitty goods?

And the now infamous clip, stealing from a child:

We drop to a lighter note with Star Wars talk, other movies we look forward to seeing, and then finally we go over some toys that we had when we were younger.