FEARCast 23 – 16 Shots

For a very special FEARCast, Fear is joined in the GCA Studio by J from Elite Critique and Razar. We start the show off with a shot and almost 2 hours later finish it with the 16th shot of the night.

The Album Art for the 2015 Season of FYFC Podcasts GOT BALLSGot Balls 2015 Cover


This Episode of FEARCast was brought to you by:

MoonshineThey didn’t sponsor us but the episode was fuelled by Blumer’s Apple Pie Moonshine.

Anna KendrickRazor wants Anna Kendrick as his personal bartender and wife.


Anna Kendrick Body BuilderThis gave Razar the most awkward boner.

John Lithgow Young1John Lithgow has always been old.

John Lithgow OldLooks the same.


Suicide Squad Trailer

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

Deadpool Red Band Trailer

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