Fearcast 18 – Saving Horror, One Bracket at a Time

J (@Elite_Critique) and Fear (@thefearagenda) finally get the long over due chance to sit down and discuss Save Horror’s (@savehorror) “Horror Madness” brackets. A very cleaver play on the “March Madness” sports folks seem to obsess over.

Head over to their website savehorror.com, they have had a couple different events over the past two years and even have swag you can pick up! Below is the bracket we used, it was really fun to play along, even if there were movies we felt were missed. Hey, you can’t pick everyone’s fav right?

Was any of your favourites missed? Hit me up on twitter or fear@fyfc.ca let’s chat about it! Sorry this one was in the can so long. I’m not a fan of holding on to the episodes. Talked about Jaws’ 40th Anniversary and the passing of

~ Fear